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does swiss travel pass include glacier express

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Is the Glacier Express free with the Swiss Saver Pass?

Further,with the Swiss Saver Pass ( applicable for two or more people ) you can travel free on the Glacier Express and Bernina Express. You only have to pay the reservation fees extra. The Glacier Express does not run between 28 Oct to 14 Dec. What are your travel dates ? A fresh calculation should make the picture clearer.

What is included in the Swiss Travel Pass?

The Swiss Travel Pass includes all travel on regular trains, buses and boats – as well as special railways including panoramic trains such as the Glacier Express. In some cases, reservations are required on panoramic trains, and these must be booked separately.

Which travel cards are valid for the Glacier Express?

GA travel card, Swiss Travel Pass and day passes are valid. Eurail pass and Interrail passes from 1 January 2017 Children under 6 years: free From 6 to 16 years: 50% discount. With the Junior Card, children under the age of 16 accompanied by a parent travel for free. A surcharge is payable for the Glacier Express Individuals

Do I have to book a seat on the Glacier Express?

The seat reservation is obligatory and will be levied on anyone travelling by the Glacier Express. The fee must be paid in full by all passengers, including children and ohters holding discount travel passes. This does not apply to children under six who do not require a seat.

What services does the Swiss Travel Pass include?

Which services does the Swiss Travel Pass include? The Swiss Travel Pass covers all travel on trains, buses and boats – and even premium panoramic trains such as the Glacier Express. In some panoramic trains, reservations are mandatory and must be booked separately.

How many days does a Swiss travel pass last?

The Swiss Travel Pass is available for 3, 4, 8 or 15 days , and in 1st and 2nd class variants. For greater flexibility, you can also purchase a Swiss Travel Pass Flex. This will allow you to freely select the same number of travel days within one month.

How old do you have to be to travel with Swiss Family Card?

Accompanied children aged between 6 and 16 years of age travel for free with the complimentary Swiss Family Card.