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does american express platinum card have travel insurance

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Why you should have the American Express Platinum Card?

American Express Platinum Card Welcome Offer. You can currently earn 100,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $6,000 in purchases in the first six months of card membership. But you may be able to get much more. If you have never had an American Express credit card, you may be targeted for a welcome offer for up to 125,000 points via …

What are the benefits of an American Express Platinum Card?

Why Active-Duty Service Members Should Get the American Express Platinum Military CardMembership Rewards Points. The American Express Platinum Card gives active military members access to its Membership Rewards program.Entertainment,Dining and Shopping Rewards. …Travel Rewards and Credits. …Additional Member Services. …American Express Platinum Military Application. …American Express Platinum Annual Fee Waived for Military Members. …

Is an American Express Platinum Card worth it?

The Amex Platinum card is worth it for many, because it has great benefits, like comprehensive airport lounge access. (Photo by Wyatt Smith) With The Platinum Card from American Express, you’ll earn 75,000 Membership Rewards Points after you spend $5,000 on purchases within the first 6 months of account opening.

Does American Express offer travel insurance?

If you’re seeking additional coverage for your trip, like cancellation coverage or emergency medical insurance, American Express offers a stand-alone travel insurance product you can use to supplement what your card provides. Additionally, plenty of third-party companies offer travel insurance.

What is the maximum amount of luggage reimbursement for Platinum Travel Assistance?

Should Platinum Travel Assistance not be able to recover your luggage, you will be reimbursed up to a maximum of US$1,200 per trip.

Who underwrites Platinum Travel Assistance?

Platinum Travel Assistance is underwritten by AXA Assistance USA Coverage is determined by the Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions of service and is subject to change without notice.

What is travel inconvenience insurance?

The Travel Inconvenience Insurance Plan provides benefits in the event of: Missed Departures and Missed Connections; delay, cancellation or overbooked flights; and Luggage Delay and Extended Luggage Delay when the Covered Trip is purchased and charged to your American Express International Dollar Card (IDC).

How long is an extended warranty?

Extended Warranty will extend the terms of the Original Warranty for a period of time equal to the duration of the Original Warranty, up to one (1) additional year on warranties of five (5) years or less that are eligible in a Covered Territory*.

Who underwrites extended warranty?

Extended Warranty Program is underwritten by Indemnity Insurance Company of North America Administrative Office, The Corporate Center 33 Resolución Street, Suite 500 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00920-2707. Coverage is determined by the Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions of policy 58US3763 and is subject to change with notice. This document does not supplement or replace the policy.

Who underwrites travel accident insurance?

Travel Accident Insurance Plan is underwritten by Indemnity Insurance Company of North America , Administrative Office, Doral Bank Center Calle Resolución #33, Suite 500, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00920. Coverage is determined by the Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions of policy No. 58US3199 and is subject to change with notice. This document does not supplement or replace the policy.

Does AXA Assistance cover sudden unanticipated injuries?

The coverage provided by AXA Assistance USA is restricted to emergent situations that arise directly and independently of all other causes, resulting in external bodily injury, of violent and /or accidental means or of a medical condition which is sudden, unanticipated and urgent which requires immediate medical or surgical evaluation or treatment to provide relief of acute pain and suffering.

What insurance does Amex Platinum offer?

Car rental loss and damage insurance . When you rent a car, you can use your Amex Platinum travel insurance to cover damage or loss. You’ll have to pay for the rental with your Amex Platinum and decline the rental agency’s collision damage coverage. This benefit covers up to $75,000 in damages to or theft of the vehicle.

How much baggage insurance does Amex give?

You’ll get up to $2,000 per person per trip for checked baggage and $3,000 for carry-on. Terms apply.

What is Amex Platinum travel insurance?

The Amex Platinum travel insurance starts with generous trip cancellation and interruption coverage . If your trip is canceled or interrupted and you end up losing money to non-refundable, pre-booked travel expenses such as hotels or tours, you can seek reimbursement through this benefit. It covers up to $10,000 per trip and $20,000 per 12-month period. Terms apply.

How long does it take for Amex to process a claim?

It takes an average of 45 days for American Express to process and review claims. You can check the status of your claim at any time through the American Express Claims Center or by calling customer service. There’s no question that the Amex Platinum travel insurance is a valuable benefit.

What is travel accident insurance?

Travel accident insurance. Travel accident insurance is a benefit you hope to never need. In the event of accidental loss of life or dismemberment while traveling, having good coverage can easily save you thousands. You must pay for the trip with your Amex card.

How to file a claim with a secondary insurance?

From there, you’ll want to complete the following steps. Select the insurance you want to file a claim for and click "File a Claim.". Input any required information.

What items are excluded from travel insurance?

Some items are excluded from coverage, such as credit cards, documents, currency, eyeglasses, sunglasses, hearing aids, prosthetic devices, and prescription drugs. You’ll need to file a claim for reimbursement with the common carrier and any other travel insurance you have first.

How long does Amex car rental coverage last?

Additionally, if you are renting an expensive vehicle that exceeds your card’s limit of coverage or the maximum length of the rental period on your other card is limited to less than 42 days, the Amex Premium Car Rental Protection could also be a prudent choice. Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance.

What is the Amex Platinum card?

The Amex Platinum card offers plenty of premium travel benefits, but there’s added value to be found in its collection of insurance coverage. The Amex Platinum card offers plenty of premium travel benefits, but there’s added value to be found in its collection of insurance coverage. Skip to content.

What is a hotline for a hotel?

Financial Assistance— the hotline can help you arrange cash wire services, help you check out of your hotel remotely, or assist with lost card situations. Emergency Message Relay— in the event of an emergency, the hotline can send a message to a family member, friend, or another recipient on your behalf.

Does Amex Platinum have emergency evacuation?

The Amex Platinum comes with a complimentary emergency evacuation service should you become ill or injured while traveling. Image Credit: @pamsaunders via Unsplash. While technically not insurance coverage, having access to help when you’re traveling, 24/7, is sure to provide the same peace of mind.

Is checked baggage covered by airline?

Checked baggage is covered only while traveling on a common carrier. Carry-on baggage is additionally covered while traveling to, from, and when waitingat the carrier terminal. Note that the coverage on the card is secondary to any other insurance or reimbursement you might receive from the airline.

What is American Express baggage insurance?

What is covered. American Express baggage insurance covers luggage that is lost, stolen, or damaged while traveling on a common carrier. According to American Express, a common carrier is an air, land, or water vehicle licensed to carry passengers for hire and available to the public. It doesn’t include personal or rental vehicles.

What is trip interruption insurance?

Covered losses include trip cancellations and interruptions caused by any of the following: Accidental bodily injury, loss of life, or sickness of either the traveler, a traveling companion, or a family member of the traveler or a traveling companion.

How to file an American Express claim?

Submit a claim to American Express through the online claims center. After logging in, click "File a Claim" to start the process. Alternatively, you can file your claim over the phone by calling the number listed in your guide to benefits.

How long does trip delay insurance cover?

Trip delay insurance covers delays of longer than 12 hours caused by any of the following:

What are some items that are not included in baggage insurance?

Several items are excluded. These include cash, travel documents, living plants, perishable items, eyeglasses, and property shipped as freight. There are also certain circumstances that aren’t included in baggage insurance. For example, acts by customs or government authorities, normal wear and tear, and illegal activity by the cardmember.

What is a traveling companion’s dwelling being made uninhabitable?

The eligible traveler’s or a traveling companion’s dwelling being made uninhabitable. Quarantine imposed by a physician for health reasons. You must pay the full amount of the trip with your American Express card or American Express rewards points. You’ll also need to be traveling on a common carrier.

What happens if you cancel a trip?

If you have to cancel your trip because of illness or severe weather, trip cancellation insurance may help. Let’s say you’ve paid a non-refundable deposit. You can get reimbursed up to your card’s coverage limit. Similarly, your trip may get interrupted or postponed due to a covered loss.

What is CFAR insurance?

CFAR is an optional upgrade available on some standalone travel insurance plans. This supplementary benefit allows you to cancel a trip for any reason and get a partial refund of your nonrefundable deposit.

What to do if an airline loses your luggage?

Missing luggage assistance if an airline loses your luggage. The hotline will contact your airline on a daily basis on your behalf to help locate your bags.

How many claims per 12-month period?

The reimbursable amount depends on which card you hold, and you are allowed two claims per 12-month period. As expected, the more premium travel credit cards offer higher compensation for shorter delays. Trip delay insurance is offered on the following American Express credit cards:

What are acceptable delays?

Acceptable delays include those that are caused by weather, terrorist actions, carrier equipment failure, or lost/stolen passports or travel documents. There are also plenty of exclusions, such as intentional acts by the traveler.

How old do you have to be to be a dependent?

Their dependent children who are under 23 years old (there are age exceptions for handicap children).

What is trip delay insurance?

Trip delay insurance. This benefit will reimburse you for reasonable, additional expenses incurred if a trip is delayed by a certain number of hours. Examples of eligible expenses include meals, lodging, toiletries, medication and other charges that are deemed appropriate by American Express.

How many travel insurance benefits does American Express offer?

Here’s what you need to know about six travel insurance benefits offered on many American Express cards:

What is covered by trip delay insurance?

Trip delays can cause a domino effect on your travel plans. (Photo courtesy of kieferpix via Getty Images)

What is an eligible traveler’s expense?

An eligible traveler’s expenses paid prior to the covered trip. Loss due to intentional acts by the eligible traveler. Any expenses that are not authorized and reimbursable by the eligible traveler’s employer if the eligible traveler makes the purchases with a commercial card.

How long does it take to file a claim with Amex?

When you have a delay or trip cancellation/interruption that you think qualifies for coverage, you can file a claim by calling Amex at 1-844-933-0648 within 60 days of the covered loss.

How much back can you get on a restaurant card?

Plus, earn up to $100 back in statement credits for eligible purchases at U.S. restaurants with your card within the first 3 months of membership.

What is required to file for trip delay reimbursement?

One of the documents required to file for trip delay reimbursement is a verification form that outlines the reason for the delay or cancellation by the carrier. You can typically get this at the airport when the delay or cancellation is announced, but keep in mind that it may require a supervisor. Each U.S. major airline also has a process for requesting this information after the fact.

What is inclement weather?

Inclement weather, which prevents a reasonable and prudent person from traveling or continuing on a covered trip

Why do you need trip insurance?

Having a card with trip insurance can save you hundreds of dollars when unexpected hiccups happen in your travel plans. Still, it can be confusing to know what is covered and the right documentation you need to file a claim.

What is the Amex Platinum card?

The longer answer: each card comes with different features and perks. Some cards, such as the Amex Platinum card, come with high-value baggage insurance, as well as coverage for expensive rental cars with personal injury features and emergency medical transportation coverage.

What is the number to call for Amex baggage insurance?

Your best option is to call and have a customer service agent walk you through the process. The number is 800-645-9700 or collect from overseas at +1-303-273-6498. Note that Amex baggage insurance coverage (like the car rental insurance) is secondary, in this case, to the common carrier’s coverage.

How much can you get for lost luggage with Amex?

When you have the ultra-premium Amex cards, you can get coverage for lost, damaged, or stolen baggage, which is up to $2,000 for checked luggage, with a combined maximum of $3,000 for checked and carry-on baggage per covered person . Note that there’s a total maximum limit of $10,000 for everyone on the trip combined.

How many days can you travel from the origin?

Also, the duration of travel can’t exceed 365 days away from the origin. Lastly, the period of travel may consist of round-trip, one-way, or combinations of round-trip and one-way tickets with common carriers. Anecdotally, paying for taxes and fees on an award ticket and Pay With Points are “covered trips.”.

What is a common carrier?

You’ll often see a reference to a “common carrier.”. A common carrier is simply a method of air, land, or water public transportation (like an airplane, train, bus, or cruise ship).

Does American Express include baggage delay?

Note that American Express cards don’t include baggage delay coverage. If you’re seeking additional coverage for your trip, like cancellation coverage or emergency medical insurance, American Express offers a stand-alone travel insuranceproduct you can use to supplement what your card provides.

Is there an age limit for American Express?

There are no age limits stated in the terms and conditions for travel benefits, protections, or coverages. Please be aware, however, that there are really no medical benefits that come with an American Express credit card other than travel accident insurance and referral services for emergency medical treatment. Reply.