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does aaa cover international travel

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Does AAA offer discount on Amtrak?

For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. Amtrak no longer offers discounted fares for students and AAA members—both of which had 10% discounts— and increased the senior discount eligibility age from 62 to 65. The discount programs changed between January and February, with no official announcement from Amtrak.

Does AAA offer discounts on flights?

U.S. military veterans and their families can receive up to 10% off domestic and international flights with an AAdvantage credit card. You can browse the latest travel deals for up to 15% off flights, car rentals, hotels and more at American Airlines.

Do you offer AAA or AARP discounts?

AARP vs AAA: Discounts. AAA offers slightly more variety of discounts to car insurance policyholders than AARP, including for telematics, new vehicles and annual mileage. Overall, however, both insurance companies offered similar discounts.

Does AAA offer roadside assistance?

Upon Activation AAA will provide free roadside assistance and full membership privileges to the member. Activation is complete 3 days after payment of dues. Some restrictions apply. You must be a valued AAA Plus RV or Premier RV member to be eligible for RV roadside assistance and other enhanced benefits. For non-commercial or personal use only.

How to plan a trip abroad?

The first step in planning a trip abroad is ensuring you have valid paperwork. Find out how to apply for or renew your U.S. passport or travel visa, then stop by a AAA branch to take your passport photo.

Why order through AAA?

Order through AAA to ensure you have the right type of money when your reach your destination.

What can advisors provide?

Advisors can provide insights on worldwide destinations and experiences.

Do you need an international driver’s license to travel overseas?

AAA recommends that members obtain an International Drivers Permit(IDP) prior to traveling overseas. Although many countries do not recognize U.S. driver’s licenses, most countries accept an International Driving Permit (IDP). IDPs are honored in more than 150 countries outside the U.S. See AAA’s application formfor the list of countries. The IDP functions as an official translation of a U.S. driver’s license into 10 foreign languages. Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic (1949) authorizes the U.S. Department of State to empower certain organizations to issue IDPs to those who hold valid U.S. driver’s licenses. These licenses are not intended to replace valid U.S. state licenses and should only be used as a supplement to a valid license. IDPs are not valid in an individual’s country of residence.

Does AAA have reciprocal services?

Please note that if there are no services listed, the international club has not confirmed reciprocal services for AAA members.

Do mobility clubs have discounts?

Many mobility clubs around the world are active in AAA’s global discounts program. This means that they have partnerships throughout their countries where you can obtain discounts (attractions, museums, hotels, retail locations, and some restaurants). Follow this link to search for discountswhen traveling to European countries. Please note that you will be required to present a valid AAA membership in order to be eligible to receive services from mobility clubs in other countries.

What does it mean to be affiliated with AAA?

In order to be affiliated with AAA, each club agrees to provide certain standard services to its own members, as well as members of other AAA clubs. The individual club owns the territory in which it resides, and membership is based on residence. Exact dues and services will vary slightly between clubs.

Does AAA offer savings?

Savings are also extended to members of all international SYC&S® and SYC!® clubs. Follow this link to access a list of AAA national partners offering savings in the United States. Download and print a temporary AAA International Member Discount Card that is valid only when presented with an original and current membership card from an international club showing the AAA Discounts & Rewards®, Show Your Card & Save® or Show Your Card!® logo.

What is the phone number for AAA?

Contact Information. The phone number for AAA’s Emergency Road Service is 1-800 -AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) within the U.S. or Canada only. Your service call will be routed to the appropriate territory based on where you are located.

Is AAA covered by basic roadside assistance?

Follow this link for more details on BASIC Emergency Roadside Assistance. With AAA, the membership cardholder is covered for emergency road service, not the car. Recreation vehicles (RVs) and motorcycles are not covered by these BASIC road services.

Do international club members need a home club card?

In order to receive AAA discounts, international club members must also present a valid home club membership card.

What is the rental car damage protector plan?

There is also a Rental Car Damage protector plan for $135, which provides $1,000 of trip interruption and baggage loss coverage and $40,000 of rental car damage and theft benefits. This plan will cover your costs if the rental car is stolen or damaged. In addition, you’ll be reimbursed for the unused portion of your trip and if your bags are lost or damaged. This plan offers an alternative to purchasing coverage at the rental counter.

How long can you travel with Allianz?

Although all four of these are annual plans, no individual trip can exceed 45 days. For trips longer than 45 days, Allianz offers an AllTrips Premier plan, which provides coverage for up to 90 days per trip.

What is essential plan?

The Essential Plan ($97) is ideal for those who just want the basics of trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance and don’t need the other protections. This is a good fit for domestic travelers who already have health coverage in the U.S. and don’t plan on bringing business equipment.

How many days of coverage does AAA offer?

The annual policies provide 365 days of domestic and international coverage and are best suited for those who travel often. To see which plans are available, we input a $15,000 annual travel budget for coverage starting in July 2020 for a 30-year-old from New Hampshire. For this itinerary, AAA is offering four policies, with the three higher-end plans geared toward business travelers.

What is AAA single trip?

AAA’s single-trip plans are designed for travelers who are leaving their homes, visiting another destination, domestic or international, and returning. To get an idea of which plans are available, we input a sample itinerary of a $3,000, two-week trip to Spain by a 45-year-old from Indiana. For this itinerary, AAA offered four single-trip plans.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Our sample search for a $3,000 two-week trip to Spain showed policies ranging from $97 to $211, representing 3% to 7% of the total trip cost.

How much is the annual Deluxe Plan?

The Annual Deluxe Plan ($275) is designed for those who aren’t too concerned with pre-trip cancellation benefits or business equipment protections and are more interested in medical coverage while abroad. If you already have some travel insurance through a credit card, this plan may be sufficient.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

If visiting for 90 days or less, you are entitled to BASIC Emergency Roadside Assistance. Follow this link for more details on BASIC Emergency Roadside Assistance. With AAA, the membership cardholder is covered for emergency road service, not the car. Recreation vehicles (RVs) and motorcycles are not covered by these BASIC road services.

Contact Information

The phone number for AAA’s Emergency Road Service is 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) within the U.S. or Canada only. Your service call will be routed to the appropriate territory based on where you are located.


AAA paper maps, AAA TourBooks, and AAA Travel products, services and accessories are available for purchase in AAA Club offices for FIA or GMA member clubs.

Travel Information & Services

Contact your home club to inquire about access to AAA online travel tools, including TripTik® Travel Planner which includes digital maps, personalized itineraries and all the content of AAA’s TourBooks®, as well as car and hotel reservations.

Global Discounts Program

Savings are also extended to members of all international SYC&S® and SYC!® clubs. Follow this link to access a list of AAA national partners offering savings in the United States.

Travel Information and Travel Documents

Visit any of the following links to request information and/or application forms for:

What happens if a cruise line stops operating?

If a cruise line, airline or tour operator ceases operations due to financial hardship or bankruptcy, travel insurance can save you from paying for a trip you’ll never get to take. 8. In the event of an emergency, airlines are not required to refund a ticket.

What is Allianz Global Assistance?

Allianz Global Assistance is a world leader in the travel insurance and assistance industry because they really do help people—anytime, anywhere. As a principal provider of travel insurance, corporate assistance, and concierge services, they can help you find solutions to any travel-related problem.

Why do people buy travel insurance?

1. Life is unpredictable. Some trips need to be cancelled. With travel insurance, you don’t necessarily have to pay for a trip you are unable to take. 2. Airlines mishandled over 21 million bags in 2013.

How many bags did airlines mishandle in 2013?

2. Airlines mishandled over 21 million bags in 2013.

What does it mean when you lose your job?

The loss of a job or other income might mean a trip planned in advance may have to wait. Travel insurance can put cash back into your hands when you need it most.

What is the coverage for rental car protection?

We’ve created a solution to save you time and money at the car rental counter Rental Car Protector provides primary coverage for covered collision, loss and damage up to $40,000, along with 24-hour emergency assistance.

What is Trip Assist Family Care?

The Trip Assist Family Care plan offers generous protection for all domestic and international travel. With features like comprehensive trip cancellation and primary emergency medical coverage, 24-hour travel assistance, and optional benefits to tailor the plan to your travel needs, it’s the perfect companion for your perfect vacation.

How to get an international driving permit?

Renting a car overseas? You can get an international driving permit ( IDP) at any AAA location, or you can mail in your application. An IDP is a necessary form of driver identification abroad, is valid in over 150 countries, and comes printed in 10 languages. To get an IDP through AAA you’ll need a valid U.S. license, the $20 fee, and two passport-sized photos on a white background.

What is AAA website?

The AAA website is also a booking website for hotels, flights, cars, cruises, and vacations. AAA agents at branch offices and over the phone will help you plan and book group trips and destination weddings and honeymoons using its bookings services and member savings.

What does AAA protect my ID cover?

With any AAA membership you get basic ProtectMyID coverage which includes credit monitoring, lost wallet protection, and fraud resolutions support, other levels of membership get even more benefits.

What are the benefits of AAA?

The traditional AAA roadside benefits include towing, flat tire assistance, vehicle lockout service, fuel delivery, and more, but there are other AAA travel benefits when it comes to hitting the road.

How long does it take to get cash from AAA?

AAA members can also order over 90 types of foreign currency. Getting cash ahead of time can be a great way to avoid high fees and unfavorable exchange rates at airports and hotels. AAA currency must be ordered in person, and purchases are shipped to the branch location in about three business days. Plus, orders over $200 are shipped free.

What is the AAA Northeast Travel Protection Plan?

According to its website, the AAA Northeast Travel Protection Plan offers trip cancellation and interruption coverage.

What is the travel motto?

Travel Motto: "Travel light, often, and in good company."