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do i need a visa to travel to ethiopia

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How much does a visa to Ethiopia cost?

Immediate Relative or Family Preference Immigration Applications cost 325.00 USD in addition to the petitionEmployment-Based Immigration Applications cost 345.00 USD in addition to the petitionOther immigration applications (such as self-petitioning) cost 205.00 USDK visa for a fianc or spouse of a US citizen costs 265.00 USDMore items…

What countries do you need a visa?

You may require a visa if you have been in Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, or Yemen …

What are the requirements for an Ethiopian visa?

Ethiopia Visa Requirements. The documents you need when you apply for an Ethiopia visa are: A passport, valid for at least six more months beyond the date you intend to leave and has at least two blank pages; When applying online, you need a scanned picture of the personal information page of your passport

Do I need to apply for an ESTA Visa?

You must apply for ESTA to visit the continental U.S., Hawaii, and other U.S. islands for up to 90 days without a visa. If you have not obtained ESTA, then you will not be able to board your flight on the planned departure date.

How much ETB can you hold in Ethiopia?

Visitors to Ethiopia, including transit passengers who do not plan to exit Bole International Airport, may hold up to a maximum of 1,000 ETB per trip to and from Ethiopia. Persons residing in Ethiopia can enter with 1,000 USD or other foreign currency equivalent. Persons not residing in Ethiopia can enter with 3,000 USD or other foreign currency equivalent. Travelers must declare all foreign currency exceeding the above limits.

What is the currency of Ethiopia?

Currency: The Ethiopian Birr (ETB) is the currency of Ethiopia and, with the exception of international hotel bills, payment for commercial transactions in any other currency is illegal. Credit cards are accepted at only a few outlets in Addis Ababa. Foreign currency may only be exchanged legally at banks.

What devices are required to travel outside of Addis Ababa?

government personnel must request permission for personal and official travel outside of Addis Ababa and are required to carry personnel tracking devices and, in some cases, satellite phones.

Why is Tigray Region bordering Eritrea?

Tigray Region and border with Eritrea due to armed conflict, civil unrest, and crime.

How much ETB is required to travel to Ethiopia?

1,000 ETB for all travelers; 1000 USD or other foreign currency equivalent if person resides in Ethiopia; 3,000 USD or other foreign currency equivalent if person is not residing in Ethiopia. Excess currency may be confiscated.

How long can you hold foreign currency in Ethiopia?

Residents of Ethiopia may not hold foreign currency for more than 30 days after declaring it. Nonresidents may hold foreign currency for the duration of their visa.

Why is exercise increased caution in Ethiopia?

Exercise increased caution in Ethiopia due to civil unrest and communication disruptions. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory. Exercise increased caution in Ethiopia due to COVID-19, civil unrest and communication disruptions. Some areas have increased risk.

What is the Ethiopian visa policy?

The Ethiopian visa policy establishes the requirements which a visitor of a foreign country needs to meet to gain permission to travel to, enter, and spend time in Ethiopia

How to get a visa for Ethiopia?

Online visas for Ethiopia can be obtained through a simple electronic application in which applicants need to submit personal, passport and travel information. Once the eVisa is approved, it will be sent by email to the applicant.

How many countries have a visa for Ethiopia?

The current Ethiopian visa policy establishes that there are under 10 countries across the world whose citizens need to apply for an embassy visa to travel to Ethiopia.

Where to apply for an Ethiopian visa?

eVisa-eligible travelers who wish to spend longer periods of time, or need to visit Ethiopia for other purposes than those permitted with the electronic visa, will also be required to apply for a visa at the nearest Ethiopian embassy or consulate.

How long can you stay in Ethiopia?

Like the electronic visa, the Ethiopia visa on arrival permits a stay of either 30 or 90 days, depending on the amount of time the visitor wishes to spend in the country, for purposes of tourism.

Which countries are visa free for Ethiopia?

At the moment, there are only 2 countries on the visa-free list for Ethiopia: neighboring African countries Kenya and Djibouti.

How Will I Receive My Ethiopia eVisa from the United States?

Once you have sent your application for an Ethiopia eVisa, you will receive a response between 24 and 72 hours. Please note that this can take slightly longer during busy periods, so it is best to apply at least a week in advance of your intended travel date.

How to get an Ethiopian visa?

Obtaining an Ethiopian visa on arrival for US nationals involves waiting in long queues at the airport’s passport control. They will also have to carry all of their official documentation plus the amount of money in cash required to pay the visa processing fees.

Is Ethiopia open to international visitors?

Ethiopia is open to international visitors and you can easily apply for an eVisa for Ethiopia online. Travelers arriving in Ethiopia are required to have a medical certificate with a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test result issued within 120 hours prior to arriving in the country. Children under 10 and holders of the following travel documents and their immediate family members are exempt: diplomatic passports, service passports, Laissez-Passer issued by an African Union (AU) state, and Laissez-Passer issued by the United Nations (UN). Certain travelers can now obtain a visa on arrival.

Can US citizens enter Ethiopia?

As mentioned above, the approved Ethiopia eVisa for US citizens is valid for a single entry only. If the holder wishes to re-enter Ethiopia after leaving, they must apply for another eVisa.

Can Americans travel to Ethiopia?

The tourist visa policy for Ethiopia offers detailed information for Americans and all of the visa options they have to travel to Ethiopia. However, despite there are other options such as a visa on arrival or an embassy visa, the eVisa option is the most convenient application process for US citizens,

Can an Ethiopian transit visa be rejected?

In most cases, the Ethiopian transit visa will be processed without any hitches but it can be rejected due to incomplete documents in some cases.

How long is a passport valid?

A passport of your country, valid for the next six months.

Does the embassy inform you if your transit visa has been accepted?

Finally, the embassy will inform you of the application for the transit visa has been accepted or rejected.

Is it a good idea to connect to a travel agency?

If you are on a big trip and will have a few different transit flights, then it is always a good idea to connect to a travel agency such as tourist visa online. They provide expert guidance and help to visitors in obtaining all kinds of visas, including an Ethiopia transit visa on arrival.

Is Ethiopia an African country?

Ethiopia is an African country with a large mix of history and culture. It has been passed down millions of years in the forms of ancient architecture, ruins, temples, churches, obelisks, castles etc.

How long can US Citizens stay in Ethiopia with an e-Visa?

Visitors with an American passport can stay in Ethiopia only for 30 days in Total. Don’t forget that you’re not able to get paid work or employment during your stay.

How many entries Can I have?

You can have Single Entry or you can also have Multiple Entry. This will depend on how long you want to stay in Ethiopia and how you’ll be visiting the country.

How is the application form?

Once you put together all the documents, you can move on to the next step, which is the application form. The form is uncomplicated, but if you need any help filling it in, iVisa has an excellent 24/7 support service. Just give them a call, and they will help you every step of the way.

What Should I do after I finish my form?

As soon as you complete your application form you’ll obtain the visa via email , so you don’t have to step on any Embassy .

Is it ok to apply with iVisa?

Yes, you can trust us! We’ve been building a trustful community with our customers, and we also have an updated system that can keep your information safe. It’s completely secure to apply for a visa with us. You can read our testimonials if you want.

Where can I read more about it?

Do you want a better solution? Click here and start talking to one of our customer service workers. Remember that you can also read more info about this e-Visa here

How long does it take to get a visa to Addis Ababa?

If you want to leave the airport transit area to visit Addis Ababa then you must apply for a 30-day single entry visa online, or visit your nearest Ethiopian Embassy to get an in-transit visa through them.

What is a tourist visa in Ethiopia?

Travelers are advised to make sure that they meet all the following requirements to get the type of visa for which they are applying. Tourist visa is issued for visitors desiring to enter Ethiopia temporarily for tourism or a visit.

How to apply for a tourist visa?

Applying in Person. You can apply for a tourist visa at the Embassy in person at any time during working hours. Required documents. Current passport – the passport must be valid for at least six months;

How long is a passport valid for?

Required Documents. Current Passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months.

Is the Ethiopian visa suspended?

The Ethiopian Immigration, Nationality and Vital Events Agency has temporarily suspended E-Visa and Visa-On-Arrival Visa services to all passengers travelling from the U.S. to Ethiopia with the exception of Ethiopian passport holders and Ethiopian Origin ID (Yellow Card) holders. Passengers can obtain visa from the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C. either in person or by mail.

Where is Ethiopia located?

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is located in the north-eastern part of Africa commonly known as the Horn of Africa. It is strategically proximate to the Middle East and Europe…..

Does Ethiopia accept cash?

Service fees must be paid in money order payable to Embassy of Ethiopia; (Click here to view a chart of the visa types and associated fees) The Embassy does not accept Cash or Personal checks.

Do you need permission to take pictures from a helicopter?

If you plan on taking films or photos from a plane or helicopter, permission must be sought in advance from the Civil Aviation Authority. You must state this in your application letter.

What to do if Ethiopia is denied?

If your request to enter Ethiopia is denied, you will find the reason why it was denied in the notification email. You can appeal this decision so check your email for details. If in doubt, contact a team member through the customer service center or, depending on the reason for the denial, you can adjust your application and reapply. This applies if the names or numbers are misspelled.

Why do people visit Ethiopia?

Many people visit Ethiopia to bear witness to the orthodox Christian movement that founded many of the stunning stone churches in Lalibela. The Simien Mountains are a wonderful destination for keen hikers, and you can also take advantage of this opportunity to see some of the local wildlife of Ethiopia.

Do all visitors to Ethiopia have to quarantine?

Yes! All visitors to Ethiopia have to a complete a 7-day quarantine.

Is it easier to travel to another country with ivisa?

When it comes to traveling, it is becoming easier to go to another country and with iVisa.com it is an altogether relaxing affair. Our goal is to keep you updated to make your trip safer. And if your question is: Do I need a vaccine to travel to Ethiopia? , in this small section of questions you will find answers to any doubts you may have.