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do armadillos travel in packs

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Don’t generally travel in packs
Armadillosdon’t generally travel in packs,but since the mother always has four pups with each pregnancy; an armadillo family will travel together. Greatly increasing the likelihood of a multiple animals foraging and moving through your lawn. From this…

Is it safe to eat armadillos?

It is important to keep in mind, however, that armadillos are wild animals and can possibly communicate diseases like leprosy and rabies if handled or eaten. (Yes, some people are a big fan of ‘dillo meat.)

What are some interesting facts about armadillos?

Armadillo Facts. Armadillos are western mammals known for their unique armor-like shell and notorious for their digging habits. One species in particular – the nine-banded armadillo – has made its way into the southern United States, and is the focus of this page.

Where do armadillos migrate to?

The nine-banded armadillo ( Dasypus novemcinctus) is the only armadillo species that migrated to North America. They were long limited to humid subtropical areas of the United States. Now, armadillos are found as far north as Nebraska and Illinois. Warmer winters caused by climate change may further expand their range.

How do armadillos Hunt?

Other armadillo species simply dig a hole quickly and hunker down so that their tender stomach is protected and their armor is the only thing visible. Armadillos have pointy snouts and long, sticky tongues, similar to anteaters, which are close cousins. Their eyesight is poor, so they hunt with a highly developed sense of smell.