can you travel to bali when pregnant

What is an APEC business travel card?

An APEC business travel card, commonly referred to as an ABTC, is issued to eligible business travellers within the APEC region, to make it easier to travel in and out of other APEC card countries. The scheme is also open to government officials.

What are the requirements for getting an APEC business travel card?

The general APEC business travel card requirements include the following:

What are the benefits of having an APEC business travel card?

The ABTC exists to make it easier for business people to travel within the APEC economies. APEC business travel card benefits include pre-cleared visa free entrance to countries in the region, as well as access to fast track entry and exit lanes in certain airports.

Making international business payments? Wise could help you save money

Applying for an ABTC is a smart way to make it easier to do business within the Asia-Pacific region. Another clever move for business owners and entrepreneurs, is to get a Wise borderless account for business, to make international payments and currency conversion simple, convenient and cheap.

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