can you travel the world in 80 days


In case of an emergency, and before leaving the United States, you should know what documents will be required to reenter the United States as well as understand whether or not your departure will negatively impact your application (s) for immigration benefits.


Travel outside of the United States may have severe consequences if you are in the process of adjusting your status (applying for a Green Card). In general, if you are seeking immigrant status (a Green Card) and depart the United States without the appropriate documentation (i.e.

Unlawful Presence

If you depart the United States after accruing certain periods of unlawful presence in the United States (time spent in the United States illegally) you may be barred from admission for either three years or ten years, depending on the amount of unlawful presence an individual has accrued.

Criteria for Expedited Processing of an Application

USCIS may expedite an application, including a Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, if it meets certain criteria. For more information, please visit the How to Make an Expedite Request page.

Emergency Advance Parole Documents

If you are experiencing an extremely urgent situation, you may request an emergency advance parole appointment at your local field office by contacting the USCIS Contact Center. You should bring the following items to your appointment:

How to File

To apply for an emergency travel document, you must file Form I-131, Application for a Travel Document, complete with supporting documentation, photos and applicable fees. See the application for specific filing instructions.

Where to File

Where to file the Form I-131 depends on the benefit sought. See the form instruction page (PDF, 327.03 KB) for details. Your local office may accept an emergency advance parole application if you are experiencing an extremely urgent situation.

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