can you travel after an abortion

Using a US passport with your maiden name

The issue with traveling internationally isn’t necessarily the fact that you have a valid passport with invalid information (i.e. your maiden name), but rather that you would knowingly enter an incorrect name on your airline, bus, or cruise reservation and then travel with a document not reflecting this change.

How to change your passport to reflect your current name

When your name change occurred is critical information when it comes time to update your passport. If you have gotten married in the last year, then you can send your passport book or card along with your marriage certificate and a new photo through the mail with Form DS-5504 to request a name change for no additional charge.

Fees for changing the maiden name on your passport

As long as your passport was issued less than one year ago and you apply to change the name on your passport using Form DS-5504, there is no additional charge, save postage. However, for passports issued more than a year ago, standard fees apply: $110 for adults.

Court orders or marriage certificates for updating your passport

If you have had enough time following your union to update your state-issued ID with your new legal name, then you don’t need to provide anything more than this ID and an explanation as to why your name has changed by providing the date of marriage and your maiden name.

How long does it take to change the maiden name on my passport?

There’s no major difference in processing time between changing the maiden name on your US passport and getting it renewed. Applying by mail may take up to several weeks, or days if you’re lucky. Those applying in person at a regional passport office can pay for expedited service and provide proof of immediate travel.

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