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can rabbits travel on planes

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And the following for rabbits travelling in the airplane hold:A passenger may check-in up to 5 animals.The maximum number of pets per container is 1. However,a maximum of 2 animals will be permitted when they are of comparable size (up to 14kg each) and are used to cohabiting.A maximum of 3 animals from the same litter,up to six months old,can be shipped into the same container.

Will my rabbit be safe on an airplane?

Most airlines will only accommodate your pet for domestic or short-haul flights. Transatlantic travel is often not possible rabbits as it can be traumatic for such small and frail animals. Will My Rabbit be Safe on an Airplane? Many humans are afraid of flying. This terror will be magnified for a rabbit.

Which airlines allow rabbit passengers?

The five main airlines in America that permit rabbit passengers are: 1 American Airlines 2 United Airlines 3 Alaska Air 4 Spirit Airlines 5 WestJet Airline

Do Rabbits like traveling?

Travel with rabbits isn’t always as simple as “put their cage into the car and go.” Some bunnies hate traveling, some love it, and plenty can’t be bothered to worry. Though every bunny travels differently, one of the best ways to tackle any problem is to consult folks who have been there. And that’s where we come in!

What happens to my rabbit if I fly overseas?

If you have flown overseas, the result may be different. Some countries have strict laws surrounding animals. This is especially likely if your new country expects rabies vaccinations. If you are traveling overseas, research your destination’s quarantine procedures. You may need to leave your rabbit at the airport for a day or two.

Can I Take My Rabbit on an Airplane?

If you’re planning on air travel, you may wish to bring your rabbit along. This will likely be the case if you’re taking a vacation. Rabbits cannot be left alone for prolonged periods of time.

Is Shipping Rabbits by Air Safe?

Tread carefully when shipping your rabbit as cargo. As rabbits as so small, you can usually avoid this. A rabbit will rarely be so large that she needs to be stored as cargo, but some breeds are big.

Do Rabbits Need Passports to Travel by Air?

By law, rabbits do not require pet passports for domestic flights within the USA. They will be subject to the same restrictions as human passengers.

Why are wild rabbits dangerous?

This is because these countries have substantial wild rabbit populations. With wild rabbits comes a heightened risk of disease. Health concerns such as myxomatosis and rabies spread like wildfire.

What happens if a rabbit is loaded into a cargo hold?

If your rabbit is loaded into a cargo hold, she is treated as property. Airline staff are not trained in handling the needs of animals. Your pet will be left to fend for herself for the duration of the flight.

How much does it cost to bring a rabbit on a plane?

Five major U.S. and Canadian airlines (American, United, Alaska, Spirit, and WestJet) permit rabbits in-cabin. You will need to pay $125 each way. Your rabbit will be treated as hand luggage. She must remain in her carrier, and be kept under your seat throughout the journey.

What happens if a rabbit dies on an airplane?

A rabbit that is unwell when released from the airplane will be deemed safe. If she later dies, the airline will absolve itself of any blame.

Can You Take A Rabbit On A Plane?

Depending on the airline, you may be able to take your rabbit in the cabin with you along with your regular hand luggage. Of course, you can’t just take him as he is, your rabbit will need to be in a carrier. But there are other things that you will need to think about.

What Airlines Allow Rabbits To Fly?

While there are several airlines that will allow rabbits in the cabin, there may be current affairs that alter these rules.

Do Rabbits Like Being Carried?

Rabbits are active animals that like a lot of space. Putting them into a travel cage is never going to be an entirely enjoyable experience for them. However, you may find that it is less stressful for the bunny if you introduce them to the cage before you fly.

How much does it cost to fly with a bunny?

Otherwise, they must travel in cargo. Prices may vary depending on certain factors but as a general rule, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for a domestic animal to fly with you.

When to condition rabbits for flight?

If traveling with your pet is unavoidable then it may be a good idea to condition your rabbit in the days leading up to the flight. This is especially true of rabbits that are going to have to go into the cargo hold.

Why label cages?

It is also a very good idea to clearly label the cage to let others know that it contains a live animal.

Can you put a rabbit in the cabin?

Some airlines will only allow animals in the cabin up to a certain size. This is so that the rabbit, and its cage, can be placed underneath the seat in front of you. It is highly unlikely that an airline would permit you to pay for another seat for your rabbit but this is not unheard of so you should check before you assume this is the case.

What happened to Kumi Boutz’ bunny?

She was so taken by him she decided to adopt him and bring him back to California. Her ticket was on United which still permits carry-on bunnies on other routes but recently banned rabbit travel in the cabin from Hawaii to the mainland. It seems during a flight a rabbit got out of the kennel, made a mess of the cabin, and w reaked of havoc before being caught. As a result, Shigeru rode the long flight alone in baggage. (He seems to have made the trip and the adjustment to his new home just fine.)The cargo compartment is heated and pressurized, and animals in airline-approved containers are hand carried aboard (however, they are not issued hearing protection while being transported to the plane amidst the idling jet engines). Multiple animals in the same kennel fly for the price of one. Ground temperature really makes a difference because an airline cannot board an animal if the temperature on the tarmac at the departure or destination is too hot or too cold, so you may need to adjust your departure or arrival time to an earlier or later part of the day. For a list of regulations regarding transportation of animals by air, write Animal Care-APHIS, US Dept. of Agriculture, Hyattsville, MD 20782. The information on ventilation in cargo is quite educational.

What to pack for a rabbit in a carry-on?

Traveling rabbits usually don’t want food and water spills in transit, so save those for when you land. Also be sure to pack some bunny chow in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost. Bring a supply of pellets to mix with the local brand for a gradual transition.

Why do bunnies get stressed?

Rabbits commonly show stress by getting diarrhea, by becoming withdrawn or aggressive, or by refusing to eat their alfalfa pellets.

Why do bunnies get nervous when flying?

Even bunnies accustomed to car travel will find flying weird and scary. Rabbits commonly show stress by getting diarrhea, by becoming withdrawn or aggressive, or by refusing to eat their alfalfa pellets.

How to train a rabbit to fly?

If the only travel your rabbit does are trips to the vet, you can help her prepare for air travel by showing her she doesn’t need to be afraid to ride in her carrier for extended periods. At least a month before departure, take her on daily rides in her kennel. Begin with short trips, slowly working your way up to going somewhere an hour or more away. Keep the experience as pleasant as possible. Help her learn that riding in the carrier is a matter of waiting rather than one of apprehension.

How long will a bunny stay in a car?

How long’s the plane ride? If the choice is a one-hour flight versus ten-hours by car, then the faster route may be better. But, an all day cross-country flight may be too much. A long flight can be fatiguing, and it may take bunny several days to recover. For a high-strung rabbit, four days in a car would be less threatening than a day of getting on and off airplanes, plus going to and from airports.

How big is a carry-on kennel for a rabbit?

(Celebrity animals sometimes get their own seats, which are quite expensive.) At only 8"x17"x12", the carry-on kennel is too small for larger rabbits.

Things You Will Need

The supplies you’ll need will differ based on the length of trip and method of travel. But here’s a basic checklist of necessary supplies for traveling with your fuzzy friend:

Traveling with Rabbits: The Basics

The first step is to start strategizing and gathering the necessary items well before your trip.

Traveling with Rabbits by Car

Car travel can be bumpy for little guys, no matter how careful you are. Make sure your rabbit has as little chance to be slid or thrown about as possible.

Traveling with Rabbits by Airplane

Taking rabbits on airplanes is either a logistical nightmare or dream, depending on how much you enjoy planning.

FAQs About Traveling with Rabbits

No, not really. It’s worth double-checking with your vet, but with small pets, there are few options.


Whew, that’s a lot to take in! But if you remember anything from this article, let it be that one of the best ways to take care of your rabbit while traveling is to listen to their needs.