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can i travel without a passport

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US Virgin Islands

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  • Can I travel within mainland China without a passport?

  • During the residence permit application period, I will need to travel within mainland China by flight. However, a foreigner cannot fly without a passport, even within mainland China. Is there some documentation that I can request from the PSB as a temporal replacement of my passport for me to board a flight in China?

  • Do I need a passport to travel?

  • Although you do not require a passport to travel to these destinations they all do require some form of valid identification. This is due to air and sea travel requirements and is to ensure passenger safety and an accurate record of passengers. What Identification Can I Use?

  • What Islands do you not need a passport to visit?

  • A few minutes away from Puerto Rico, which is another no-passport required destination, is the U.S. Virgin Islands. It鈥檚 comprised of three islands, namely: St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas. People often confuse this group of islands for its British counterpart, which is the British Virgin Islands.

  • Do I need a passport to travel between UK airports?

  • Even though you do not need a passport by law to travel between airports in the UK some airlines will still ask for a valid passport as proof of ID so it is important to check this before you book any travel plans.