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can i travel to puerto rico without a passport缩略图

can i travel to puerto rico without a passport

can i travel to puerto rico without a passport插图

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Therefore you do not need a passportto go to Puerto Rico as a green card holder. Phones 鈥?If you are using a US phone provider than your phone should work fine. If you travel a lot I recommend the T-Mobile international plan that works in over 100 countries.

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  • Do Americans need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico?

  • Americans might not need a passport (remember, Puerto Rico is part of the United States) but they will need a few other things to enter. Here’s the latest: Vaccinated travelers must upload their CDC vaccination card. Unvaccinated travelers must provide a negative PCR test that is no more than 72 hours old.

  • What is the tourist visa policy for Puerto Rico?

  • Puerto Rico Visa Policy 1 Tourist Visa Policy for Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico immigration policy for tourism currently states that visitors from over 230 countries worldwide need a Puerto Rican tourist visa or travel … 2 ESTA for Puerto Rico. … 3 Embassy or Consular Visa Required. … 4 Visa Not Required

  • Do you have to go through customs in Puerto Rico?

  • U.S. citizens do not need to clear Puerto Rican Customs upon arrival by plane or ship from the U.S. mainland. International travelers should consult the official website of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for information on what can be brought into Puerto Rico.

  • What are the entry requirements for Puerto Rico?

  • Entry requirements are applicable to all passengers flying to Puerto Rico from any U.S. domestic or international destination. Public beaches and natural reserves are open, following social distancing guidelines, with public alcohol consumption prohibited.