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can americans travel to france

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However, the United States is not one of the exempt countries, so American travelers must have an International Travel Certificate to enter and transit France, showing that their travel is essential. France has imposed a second national lockdown starting on October 30.

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  • Can US citizens travel to France now?

  • The change now means that travellers from the US and Canada can now travel to France without the need to present a strong purpose of entry or having to quarantine. Tourists are also welcomed, both vaccinated and those not vaccinated.

  • Are Americans allowed to travel to Paris?

  • Most tourists are French or European in Paris, but with the lockdown now lifted, a few Americans are beginning to arrive. In Paris, I鈥檇 say about 90% of people are following the rules. There is the occasional person who doesn鈥檛 cover their face in the subway or bus but they do get sideways looks from others.

  • Are there any restrictions on travel to France?

  • Travelers who are permitted to enter France will need to self-isolate for seven days upon arrival and test again at the end of the self-isolation period, even if they tested negative prior to boarding. Travelers from certain EU countries experiencing a sharp increase in infections may also be subject to unidentified extra border restrictions.

  • Does Air France fly to the US from Paris?

  • Flights from France to the US are available. Delta Airlines is currently offering service between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Atlanta five days a week. Air France continues to offer direct flights to Los Angeles three days a week and New York JFK three days per week. More Does France have a coronavirus quarantine policy?