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a travel blog of an indian backpacker

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What are the best backpacking experiences in India?

When backpacking India, most travellers opt to make use of the trains and this is a quintessential experience. In general, most backpackers in India go for the 3AC class; these are six bed cabins with air-conditioning (which is usually fucking freezing; avoid the top bunk!).

What are the biggest challenges facing backpackers in India?

One of the biggest challenges facing backpackers in India is simply getting around! India is a truly vast country and sometimes the travel distances are absolutely massive. The most comfortable way to get around India is usually by internal flights but for backpackers on a budget, the trains are usually a better bet.

Where can I find the Best Backpacker Accommodation in Goa?

Most of the best backpacker accommodation is found on the far-side of the river. So cross over and shop around a bit for great deals. You can get a bed for as cheap as $5 a night. All good hostel chains in India have a hostel in Goa and give out dorm beds for as cheap as $4. Beware of backpacker assholes though, Goa hostels are full of them!

What are the things to see in Southern India?

The people are fairly relaxed and less interested in taking advantage of ‘rich foreigners’ backpacking India. There is a huge amount to see in Southern India; from elegant cities and backpacker beach communities to old colonial towns and teeming wildlife reserves.

How to travel on a budget in India?

Normally, my top three tips for budget travel are to hitchhike, camp and cook your own food but in India, food, transport and accommodation are already so cheap that this is not really necessary unless you are backpacking India on a budget of just a couple of dollars a day.

How long does it take to backpack in Goa?

Backpacking Goa can easily take up several months in itself and it is a place where travellers tend to get lost.

What is the cheapest place to eat in India?

The first and best is ‘Jonie’s Cafe’ – it offers the best, and cheapest food in all of India. The second is the Taj Mahal, it costs a whopping 1500RS to get in and this will probably continue to rise for foreign visitors in the coming years.

How many states are there in India?

India is a truly weird and wonderful country, travelling in India is totally unlike travelling anywhere else – this is a subcontinent comprised of 29 states, each of which could be, and once was, it’s own country.

What to do in India without a trip to Varanasi?

No trip to India is complete without a Varanasi experience… I say experience because Varanasi is totally nuts and will leave you reeling as you navigate through twisting alleys, passing holy men and funeral processions, stray cows and colourful stores selling silken saris. Make your way to the river and catch a sunset boat ride on the Ganges, the most holy river in Hinduism. On the way, make sure to pick up one of the best lassis in all of India at Blue Lassi in the market.

Why do I always travel with a toiletry bag?

I always travel with a hanging toiletry bag as it’s a super-efficient way to organize your bathroom stuff. Well worth having as it helps to have quick access to all your stuff.

How long was the tour of the backwaters in Kerela?

In saying that, Six weeks was probably long enough.

What happens if a 16 year old puts tap water in his mouth?

Teenager sons and teeth are a battle at the best of times but take a 16-year-old to India and tell him that if he puts the tap water in his mouth he will probably become ill, then you may find that the teeth take a back seat.

Can you walk in India?

You can’t walk in India. Well, you can, of course, you can, but you will be sharing the road with lots and lots of other people. And cows. And tuk-tuk drivers swerving to miss you, and stray dogs looking for a pat and a bite of your samosa.

Can you send bamboo scaped out of cotton top?

2: I Bought too Many Clothes with Me. You put something on in India and within twenty minutes it’s grubby. Yes, you can send it to the washerwoman and have the bamboo scaped out of your best cotton top with a rock at the side of the river, but other than that, best to have a nice big supply of clothes.

What are the seasons in India?

India is a huge and versatile country and depending on your destination, you may be facing different types of seasons. We decided to split this section into five sections to help you understand the seasons: 1 Kashmir and the Himalayas 2 Mumbai and central India 3 Calcutta and the Northeast 4 Rajasthan and The Golden Triangle 5 Kerala, Goa and the South

Is it safe to travel around India?

Safety in India. Overall, traveling around India is safe-ish. Of course, you should always lock your valuables especially if you’re staying in a hostel. India comes with a bunch of challenges when it comes to traveling – for example, bus rides or train rides can be long, and painful.

Is India a versatile country?

India is a huge and versatile country and depending on your destination, you may be facing different types of seasons. We decided to split this section into five sections to help you understand the seasons:

What is Anki on the move?

Anki on the Move is the catchy blog name of Ankita Sinha’s blog , which is quite popular as one of the best travel blogs in India. She’s been traveling since 2011 and has been on the go since then. She is also a speaker and has spoken in one of the TEDx events. She has won a few awards for the passion that she’s taken. She associates with various brands, reviews, and writes for them as well. She is a passionate traveler and loves discovering new places. Through her blog, she reaches out to people by sharing her travel experiences.

What is Parnashree’s blog about?

That curious girl and her journey are Parnashree all about. His blog, ‘My Travel Diary’, is all that you need to read to feed your curiosity about various places. It’s her passion for travel that made her start her blog. It was later that her passion became her profession, and she has been doing it right since then. It is her love and curiosity to find something new and unravel the beauty of various places on this planet. She embraces new cultures and traditions. She has always loved discovering new places.

How to be a travel blogger in India?

To be a travel blogger in India, all you really need is the spark of adventure and the passion to discover new places across the world. Start by writing about where you live, and moving on to bigger prospects!

What is Deepak Patel’s blog about?

A small-town boy, Deepak Patel, finds his interests in digital marketing. His blog Travel and Thrill is an attempt to bring out the best of tourism places in India. Being a digital marketer has given him the benefit of handling his blog and making it the right way to make sure it reaches people. His love for the Indian culture and heritage has made him take this step. He says that traveling to new places alone is not traveling but then finding out the beauty in heritage spots and unexplored mythological sites are also traveling.

Why do people travel?

All the best Indian travel bloggers are a prime example of this. Some even take it so seriously and end up making a living out of it, which indeed is the best occupation that one can have. Travel brings new experiences and connects new people. It makes the world a better place by bringing harmony and bringing together various cultures and traditions. Besides, tourism is also one of the most significant sources of income for a country. Countries with the most exotic places have a great deal of money flowing in through tourism. This forms the niche that luxury travelers in India operate in. Egypt, Bali, Indonesia, Australia, Europe are some of the places that can be named.

What are the most famous places to visit in India?

Some of the most famous places to visit in India are the Taj Mahal, the Western Ghats and the various temples across the country.

How many followers does Neelima have?

With 46.8K followers on Instagram , Neelima is a storyteller in her own words. A solo traveler with great photographic skills, she blogs as fabulously as she photographs. Her story is said with images as it is with her words. She focuses on offbeat and adventure travels.

How to travel around India?

My top tip for anyone backpacking India for the first time is to take it slow and plan a rough itinerary beforehand! India is not a place to rush around; trying to see too much will end up in a stressful instead of enjoyable trip. Flights, trains, buses and rickshaws reach every corner of the country and you can now easily book transport in India online with 12GoAsia.com. In my opinion, traveling by train is the most comfortable way to see India. See here for my ultimate guide to train travel in India (including how to book train tickets from abroad.)

What is the best thing about backpacking in India?

One of the best things about backpacking India is the amazing diversity of this sub continent – from snow capped Himalayan mountains to tropical beaches, from lanquid backwaters to chaotic cites and desert forts – India sometimes feels like many different countries especially as the languages, food and culture differs in each state.

How long should I travel to India?

Traveling this huge and diverse country takes time and if you want to see as much as you can and follow this India itinerary then I would recommend to come for at least 3 months . (I tried to do it in 2 on my first trip but it was too rushed)

Which is the most relaxed state in India?

Another place you might find hard to leave and won’t want to leave off your India itinerary are the blissful beaches of Goa with their infectious, easy going way of life. If you can tear yourself off the beach you’ll find there’s plenty of churches, forts, waterfalls, spice plantations, markets and a buzzing nightlife scene to explore here. Goa is the most relaxed state in India with the best nightlife, a vibrant and cosmopolitan food scene and is a great place to meet other travellers.

How to get around Kerala?

How to get around: The coastal side of Kerala is well connected by trains but to reach places in the hills like Munnar or Periyar you can take local or delux buses. Even hiring a car and driver in India isn’t too expensive.

What is Mysore famous for?

Mysore (Mysuru) is one of South India’s most popular and flamboyant destinations, famous for it’ s glittering royal heritage, magnificent monuments, colourful bazaars, the enthralling, elaborate Mysore Palace and Ashtanga yoga.

Is India a backpacking country?

As India is such a vast and wonderfully diverse country deciding on your route, itinerary and where to go when backpacking India is no easy task. Unlike South East Asia there’s not really a defined backpacking route for India but I’ve tried to give you my ideal 3 month backpacking India itinerary and top places to visit in this post.