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Who is A&K Travel Group?

AK Travel Group, and Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, has acquired the luxury cruise vessels Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony. AK Travel Group acquires Crystal Cruises name and two ships | seatrade-cruise.com Informa Seatrade Cruise News is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC Informa PLC About us Investor relations Talent

Why choose A&K travel?

The AK experts in our more than 55 offices around the world manage every aspect of your journey, with seamless 24/7 support while you travel. Authentic Insider Access. Thanks to our local connections, AK can take you beyond the guidebook and behind the scenes as no other travel company can.

How old is Abercrombie & Kent travel agency?

PIONEERS OF THE EXTRAORDINARY Born on safari in East Africa in 1962, Abercrombie Kent has been reinventing luxury travel for more than half a century. Now with 55 offices and more than 2,500 travel experts on the ground around the world, we take the world’s most discerning travellers to the ends of the earth on unforgettable adventures.

What is the A&K Travel Group doing to support Crystal’s future success?

The AK Travel Group also expressed appreciation for the past loyalty and support from Crystal’s valued travel partners and clients, and revealed goodwill initiatives that will be rolled out to support 2023 sailings.

The Best Guides

Our experienced, handpicked guides reveal a local’s daily life, informed by decades — if not a lifetime — of firsthand experience.

An Exceptional Network

A&K experts in over 55 offices and more than 30 countries manage every aspect of your journey with seamless, 24/7 support.

Authentic Insider Access

Our robust local connections take you beyond the guidebook and behind the scenes, and in to the heart of authentic experiences as no other travel company can.

The Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bering Sea

Explore this extraordinary sea passage through the Canadian Arctic, following in the footsteps of legendary polar explorers.

Cruising Scandinavia & the Baltic Sea

Set out on a sweeping luxury Baltic Sea cruise spanning seven countries, discovering the charms of Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia and Finland.

Join Geoffrey Kent This May on New Royal & Ducal Castles

Designed and accompanied by A&K’s luxury travel pioneer, this just-announced Inspiring Expedition by Geoffrey Kent ® invites you to experience Britain’s most storied private residences and landscapes, genteel country sports and exquisite dinning. Enjoy an ultra-luxury adventure led by Mr.

Take Flight on New Africa: Across a Continent by Private Jet

Travel with top experts on a luxuriously equipped private jet on the new-in- 2023 Africa: Across a Continent by Private Jet, exploring iconic destinations from Egypt to East Africa, Southern Africa and beyond.

What is the book Safari about?

Safari tells the story of Geoffrey Kent’s remarkable life in his own words and is an essential addition to any traveller’s bookshelf. Learn more about the book here.

How many offices does A&K have?

A&K has over 55 offices in more than 30 countries, a global family consisting of more than 2,500 dedicated travel experts. Chief among them are the Resident Tour Directors® who lead each group departure, providing unmatched on-the-ground expertise with A&K local guides contributing along the way. We offer everything from inspiring small-group journeys to Luxury Tailor Made Travel, Luxury Expedition Cruises and Private Jet journeys, and we are consistently recognized as the gold standard for luxury travel by professionals and guests alike.

Where did Abercrombie and Kent originate?

About Abercrombie & Kent. Abercrombie & Kent began on the plains of Africa, where Geoffrey Kent and his parents, Valerie and Colonel John Kent, pioneered a new style of luxury adventure travel in 1962.

Who is Geoffrey Kent?

Geoffrey Kent, Founder, Co-Chairman and CEO. Geoffrey Kent was born on safari and grew up on his family’s farm in Kenya. At 16, he became the first individual to motorbike between Kenya and Cape Town. After serving in the British Army, Geoffrey returned to Kenya and established Abercrombie & Kent with his parents, …

Stress-free, flexible booking

You need to know that any holiday plans you make are safe, flexible and fully protected. Rest assured that our Book with Confidence policy features a range of guarantees to give you total peace of mind. So, why not give yourself something wonderful to look forward to? Arrange your holiday with our award-winning specialists today.

Why travel with A&K

When Geoffrey Kent started A&K in 1962, he dreamed of being able to offer the most inspirational experiences in the world. He understood that travel should be awe-inspiring, exciting, intriguing, rejuvenating and memorable.

What’s hot for 2022

After nearly two years of holiday plans being disrupted, several new trends have begun to emerge that are changing the way people think about how they want to explore the world. These are our hottest destinations for 2022.

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What is the A&K story?

For over half a century, Abercrombie & Kent has been a pioneer in the world of luxury travel, redefining the notion of what is possible on holiday and delivering travel experiences that change the way travellers see the world and see themselves.

How long has A&K been around?

For nearly 60 years, A&K has defined the art of providing security and comfort in the world’s most inspiring destinations — and with our enhanced health and safety protocols, we’re uniquely qualified to protect your wellbeing when you travel with us.

Where is the backdrop for the Silk Road?

The mountains and deserts of Central Asia are the backdrop for this extraordinary adventure to the heart of the ancient Silk Road.

Is there a place like Australia?

They say there is no place on earth like Australia. From its epic landscapes in desert ochres and rainforest greens, framed by glistening oceans, to its unique, indigenous wildlife, and vibrant modern cities teeming with food and wine festivals, Australia’s contrasts are indeed like nothing else you’ve ever seen.